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tv   Headline News  RT  July 4, 2017 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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our breaking story this hour in the u.s. and south korea have fired missiles into show force against north korea. these disperse mass protests against the g twenty meeting and using water cannons. donald trump will have his first face to face talks with lattimer put now the g twenty summit on friday with one of the most and to separate it meetings obviously you're now confirmed. and russia and china call for a deescalation after north korea tests another bilis to. president xi jinping today to moscow.
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coming to live from moscow you're watching our team international welcome to the program i was started with a breaking news south korean and u.s. forces have fired missiles into the sea of japan in a display result towards north korea was part of a joint listing. between washington and according to officials of the axis science used. can be easily deployed next to science was a response to north korea's latest on tuesday which the pentagon the house confirmed it was an intercontinental ballistic missile and while u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has released a statement calling for international cooperation against north korea.
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to. the national campaign to and the korean war welcome to the program here on our team for national north korea is clearly aware that the u.s. and south korea possesses a wide range of missiles why those show of force and was it really necessary the show of force. while north korea has been saying from the beginning of this year from the beginning of the trumpet illustration that it will. test launch an intercontinental ballistic missile and it has always said that it is a form of deterrence against u.s. threats against north korea u.s. and south korea as you know conduct annual military exercises including the collapse of the north korean regime and the simulation of the decapitation of the north korean leadership north korea has always said that these are threats to its sovereignty and that is why it is developing an i.c.b.m.
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as a form of deterrence while china and russia have been calling on the international community to try and talk to north korea to avoid any sorts of provocations why did the u.s. and south korea decide to stay each of these drills anyway. i think what the u.s. and south korea are doing is basically flexing their muscle to show we're not afraid of north korea we also have big bad weapons but what they're doing is answering fire with fire in a region that is a powder keg we know that the world's greatest military military powers face off in this region that's the united states china japan south korea former u.s. military generals have warned that even the slightest miscalculation on the korean peninsula can trigger a conflict that basically meyer's the entire region in a protracted war that could have catastrophic consequences not only for the region
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but also for the global economy and that is not in anyone's interest while u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson said that north korea launching an intercontinental ballistic missile is a new escalation of the threat against the united states now from your point of view as pyongyang's a new launch a game changer here. yes but not because it will attack the united states. the united states washington doesn't truly believe that but more because this changes u.s. strategic calculus in the region north korea now has the capacity to target the heart of the u.s. pacific command which is located in hawaii as well as the west coast of the u.s. continent this means that u.s. policy of basically intimidating countries through military might and collapsing and cooperate of regimes as it has done in the middle east for decades this is not
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going to work these are the north korea and if this encourages other countries around the world just follow the example of north korea it threatens the nuclear nonproliferation regime which is instead essentially intended to ensure that only the permanent five countries of the u.n. security council can have and its allies like israel for example can have nuclear weapons and no one else north korea obviously is not a party to the n.p.t. it's not a u.s. ally but now appears to have the capability to threaten nuclear attack on the united states this is why today's missile test is a big deal and it makes washington very nervous but you know if north if us wants north korea to stop then the path is very clear it has to stop its provocations end its military exercises and then resolve the conflict fundamentally by signing
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a peace treaty to end the ongoing state of war between the united states and north korea do you think it's possible is there and to this vicious circle where opposite sides just fire missiles trying to be on each other what do you think. yes i think there is a clear path north korea we should note has repeatedly offered to free its own nuclear and missile program in exchange for a free of u.s. provocations including the very provocative military exercises that i mentioned that rehearsed the collapse of the north korean regime routinely i think the most sensible path at this point is for the us to end the korean war sign a peace treaty with north korea finally withdraw its troops from the korean peninsula that's the only way to put the nuclear crisis two to rest washington
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knows that this is the answer i think with the only thing that is standing in the way is not surprisingly the interests of the military industrial complex which feeds off of perpetual war right thank you so much for bringing your insight here on our to international now was handley a member of the national campaign to end the korean war. washington has requested an urgent meeting of the u.n. security council over the north korean missile tusk the u.s. one said to be held behind closed doors and we'll keep you updated on what comes out of this meeting. meanwhile trying to has wrapped up his two day trip to the russian capital as well as signing some twelve billion dollars worth of deals to countries called for the ass collation on the korean peninsula. has been following the talks one of the most telling things that they had to say was that and this was said by both sides the lesions now between russia and china. that may
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have ever be in the history and that is something that time and time again during the various appearances by the two leaders obviously they talked about many things they agree don't go bury shouldn't agriculture in space and business in the media almost every sphere you can talk about they side deals with twelve billion dollars and they were all smiles about it. it.
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is just the chinese businessman told me that ice cream is very much enjoyed here as i promised i brought you a whole box of russian ice cream. the chinese leader also said that the will was growing turbulent restless and case in point north korea launching an. not that alleged in to me but listing success would be heightening tensions in the region and here the chinese and russian leaders came out with a surprising solution the side suggest north korea voluntarily declares a moratorium on nuclear tests and missile launches and that the u.s. and south korea refrain from joint drills the idea is to get both sides to
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deescalate and to pull back away from the brink but washington has other ideas startled trump has urged china to increase pressure on north korea to force it to back down in its alleged again pursuit of nuclear weapons and missiles the pentagon has reportedly said that it is now considering a show of force in order to deter north korea from its pursuit of weapons there is already a show for speeding by the americans in the south china sea the moments were in the position where on one side of the equation you have somebody who has extremely limited experience in foreign policy is a little bit flaky and certainly very unpredictable and on the other side you have claimed john byrne who frankly is in the situation so well we're at a relatively dangerous time at the moment and it's showing the shifting tectonic
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plates in world affairs that it's actually russia and china who maybe to stabilize the situation she tends to visit to russia comes at a time when china's relations with the u.s. are on shaky ground that's after beijing ordered military vessels on chats to warn off an american war shape now which according to china now violated hads territorial waters and they south china sea are these callous mop and looks at how things started to grow to go wrong between beijing and washington remember the famous chocolate cake that donna. trump used to woo the chinese leader we had the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you've ever seen president she was enjoying it that was the first time that trump and she met with trump putting on a grand dinner for she which also featured trump's granddaughter singing a song for she in chinese. well that was back in april sense then trump's charm offensive seems to
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a faltering here's how the chinese foreign ministry sees it. president xi explicitly pointed out that china u.s. relations have made great progress in the recent days but they have also been affected by some negative factors a fair few such factors actually like the u.s. accusing china of being a top human trafficking offender child who was downgraded to tear three status in this year's report in part because it has not taken serious steps to end its own complicity in trafficking and washington's plan to sell one point four billion dollars in arms to taiwan which china regards as a breakaway province didn't exactly go down well either time isn't in alienable parts of china and the us weapons sales to taiwan violates international laws as well as the basic forms of international relations china firmly opposes it. another thing that china firmly opposes is the installation of american missiles right on
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its doorstep the deployment of the u.s. missile defense system in south korea does serious damage to the strategic security interests of all countries in the region including china and russia and disrupts the regional strategic balance well it looks like relations between beijing and washington won't be seeing any major reset but how big of a blow is that to china right now china's president xi is in moscow both china and russia would like to. demonstrate a common interest. deteriorating relations with the united to space both understand. from administration. a series of uncertainty and very cautious demonstration. in china and russia you seem to be beneficial on the. despite trumps attempt to be best buddies was she a while ago looks like the geo political set up hasn't really changed just like under
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obama the two eurasian super powers seem to be getting along pretty well while the united states is distancing itself and distrusting both of them. are to new york. more than just a day left before g twenty leaders are set to meet for their own humble summit the german says he has already engulfed in mass protests the police dispersed protesters too with water cannons and demolish their tent camp in one of the city's parks now there is a large police presence on the streets now and officers are wearing ride gear correspondent in germany peter oliver has the details on this story. well this is all developing ahead of the g. twenty summit which is taking place in the northern port city who are in germany hundreds of thousands of demonstrators expected to turn over as part of this no two g. twenty campaign that's being going on and while they need it some way to stay we were
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expecting perhaps some trouble tomorrow evening on wednesday evening certainly on thursday friday saturday it seems to have started a lot earlier today to the amount of people who've come to humbert and decided they were going to camp out in the city's parks well police said they were going to have none of that and as the tent city didn't go to the park in tom burke well the police went in and forcefully removed people from there taking down tents the protesters for and police have responded police in full riot gear he was still getting pictures coming out from what's happening but we've been hearing reports from those that are in there we're talking police in the full riot gear coming out they've been using pepper spray against demonstrators also hearing that water cannon has also used a huge gathering of far left extremists and they kissed people coming out to protest against the g twenty in fact what we have seen for moments here in burley and also elsewhere in other cities around europe that we're being to seem fly is
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saying to come to these demonstrations they've been all well in advance and certainly seems like there's been quite a lot of turnout there is a very large police operation it is under way now of course but it has been under way for a while leading up to this g twenty in fact the police say we're showing off one of their most recent successes as part of that operation they uncovered a cache of weapons huge amount of weapons over one hundred homemade things that included the likes of throwing knives baseball bats brass knuckles telescopic batons and even things like. cision cats of poles. and weapons that police have said could be used to cause very serious injury you know they certainly police uncovering this type of weapons hall that we saw in rostock suggests that a lot of planning has gone in by those who were who were committed to causing
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trouble this g. twenty summit the german interior minister said that eight thousand violent protesters are expected to take part and rallies police have taken preparations quite seriously twenty thousand officers will be deployed and two special security zones have been set up and the city. the german security authorities are preparing with great diligence for their biggest police operation this year this of course concerns the hamburg police which is strongly supported by the state police and the federal police and we discussed the situation and work with bruno kramm chairman of the balun branch of the pirate ponce and west prince can send musician activist. mike to become much more ready because the police is also doing a big huge mistake by escalating everything quite in the beginning showing a really hard line and this is basically what the protesters are not accepting was
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decided that the protesters can stay with their camp inside of part and of course they have to overnight there because most of these protesters and young people they cannot afford the message expensive hotel prices so. nobody was thinking of that some really it's not allowed to them to overnight in that tent and without any reason they were just taking away all the demonstrators and their right to to be. in this park and basically this is a kind of an escalation which definitely will lead into in the wrong direction it looks like a civil war situation much more than a test of a lot of democracy i think i would not rule out that there's also some. police provocateurs to be going on and you know because the one book police also hasn't said records of escalating strategies now when you look at what they're doing at the moment is feeding they stop people from sleeping basically you know i
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mean they go into these protest camps at night kick people out of the tents. and really create a situation where there's a lot of chaos in the city and you really are asked yourself i mean is this also maybe a sweat a cheat to create this chaotic situation. that can justify any more security measures in the near future i mean i think that the demonstrators are really not very militant and the g twenty summit itself is going to finally see a meeting between the u.s. and russian presidents this friday after all the fuss over the trumpet administration's possible links to the kremlin or the skate partridge as more well this year's g twenty summit promises to be very interesting indeed the white house and the kremlin have both confirmed that presidents trump and putin will meet on the sidelines though after six months of russia dominating the headlines and moscow
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admitting that relations between the countries are it is zero however it's much anticipated by other people that this will be the highlight of the entire summit what is it that we're going to be talking about first of all this ukraine and secondly the syria and that promises to be very sorely indeed after the white house came out with the unfounded allegation and indeed prediction that president assad would use another chemical attack in syria and that to which i quote moscow said is an invitation for provocation and then there's the g twenty summit venue itself it's been in hamburg where there's been protests and demonstrators are saying they're going to be even more of them and then there's a scandal amongst the policeman the burning police were drafted in to help the colleagues in providing security for the event but hundreds of them have been sent home after a scandal where the party got out of hand where public sex fighting in striptease seem to be the order of the night and therefore inappropriate behavior was the reason that they were sent back and then this president urges bodyguards they've also been told not to come following the recent time in may when they were accused
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of beating up protesters outside the turkish embassy in washington so all in all this year's the g. twenty promises to be very interesting indeed. some bastard has been summoned it's a layover of vienna as reported plans to deploy troops at the borders between the two countries italian interior minister has strongly criticized this decision. it's an unjustified and unprecedented initiative that if not immediately changed will inevitably have repercussions for security cooperation between two countries so happening and increased influx of migrants and to italy or he has more. there has been summonsed over the fact that vienna has said it could deploy up to seven hundred fifty troops to the border with italy they're ready to be deployed at any point and it has already deployed
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a number of armed personnel carrier to the border to the brain a pass which is a mountainous pass between italy and austria and that's because austria is concerned about the growing influx of migrants to which may then cross its border into austria so basically what they're trying to do they're trying to say that they will shore up their own borders if there is a continued influx of people moving northwards from italy now that's because in the last few years hoffer million migrants have landed on a tally and shores many of them not wanting to stay in italy and if you look at the figures this year alone the un migration agency says around one hundred thousand migrants have landed on european soil from the mediterranean sea since january of this year and the majority of those more than eighty four thousand have landed in italy alone now i was in the italian island of sicily over the last few days in the
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city of palermo looking at some of the issues that have been caused by this mounting my current crisis and what we saw on the streets there the fact that many of the mafia gangs have now teamed up with migrant gangs and they're actually forcing migrants to work for them in criminal activities such as selling drugs and we've seen over the past few weeks migrants being stopped particularly on the french italian border and being forced to go back to italy now italy has just said it feels abandoned it just cannot cope with this mounting crisis what started as a call for help by italy now looks like it could be turning into a diplomatic crisis as countries in the e.u. look to close their borders off with a. counterpart leaving it to me doing killing under the continued pressure of crisis and factory u.n. refugee agency has already expressed their concern over this issue according to ed
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other countries should also share with the responsibility for my italian foreign minister franco frattini spoke to us erin and was skating on his view of europe's informant and solving the migrant crisis which is unsustainable situation prime minister genteel oh nice trying to promote european soli darity but unfortunately the reason these grigg a show of european union all round even the beatles are bassy. util unfortunately grooving completely useless on helping on solving the migrant drys today unfortunately due weakness of european institutions and national equities was leading to eyes only. be the mediterranean these is simply not acceptable we saw few days ago.
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i told him people to bowl before hollows where some my grounds are. located so some a piece of violent told iran's could be absolutely wrong but the response by dole's extremist group that it needs only fighting against any kind of a welcome in my gran's any kind of. so tease a very wrong response to a wrong solution for decades on migrations. started today the european commission and now instead of calling. to help it libya with the influx of migrants . earmark thirty five million euros migrants related expenses.
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that it has responded to an ultimatum from a saudi led bloc that's saying the gulf state could have a reply was passed along through kuwait which is mediating between the country's foreign minister made the announcement after talks with his german counterpart and . yesterday we presented this reply which was prepared in advance in accordance with the previous schedule to the emir of kuwait the reply came in alignment with the general initiative to protect sovereignty and respect and in disagreement with interference in any state's internal affairs in accordance with international law we cannot talk about this in detail because it is now in the hands of the brother state of kuwait and only they are free just because about it. you should understand of course that we discussed the current crisis in detail and i want to reiterate when there isn't a dispute like this one side leveling accusations against the other that's so i cannot say yes i accept everything you say. this out
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a lot of blog ones could time to cut its ties with iran and militant groups named by the saudis and their allies as terrorist because it has also been told to shut down a. military base on its territory under thirteen point to made him includes a demand for a good time to close all of us international news outlets including al-jazeera and the saudi allowed block one still hunt to seize contacts with political opposition groups in their countries could very officials earlier spoke out in defiance of the demands. this list of demands made to be rejected it's not made to be accepted or not made to be negotiated is not an easy country to be the one. to defend what. we asked our acts for is for their take on how the situation might unfold. the saudis of morris put themselves into
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a corner from the very beginning of overestimated just exactly what the reaction would be underestimated other players coming into the crisis like turkey for example and we saw reached a stalemate i mean i think the foreign minister's comments. more or less so that this is been produced in such a way that it can't be negotiated i think that's correct i mean us absolutely bang on although you know most of the demands of the saudis have made it seem to be frankly proposed truce there are one and two reasonable requests in the but it's it's just too difficult for the qataris to go there anything without looking politically weak not through the problem following the events we are seeing the parties are far apart way far apart for a sub kind of reconciliation and i don't think the major powers involved that they would like the states. also want the resolution there is
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a desire for this conflict continue i don't think the goal of this crisis was to have it to resolve the goal is to have a conflict and the conflict that we see is escalating rapidly in the next week or so. portugal's president has admitted military warehouse close to the capital less burn has been raided officials haven't given any specific details although leaks have emerged claiming to state the amount of weaponry and nations that have gone missing the president called for an investigation adding it's not the first rate of its kind we must to really investigate all the facts similar incidents have been reported in other nato countries over the past two years. on use paper reports suggest more than one hundred thirty grenades were taking out of a huge range of a.


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